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Insurance Services 

Insurance coverage that corresponds to your goals. 

Insurance protects us from the costs of an event that our finances are just not ready to handle. Having proper insurance in place is necessary for protecting your family and assets. At Blue Oak Wealth Management we help you strengthen your financial strategy with the right insurance policies that you need. 

Blue Oak Wealth Management Life Insurace

Life Insurance 

Will your family be well prepared when you "meet your maker?" We are with you at every stage of your life to plan for your financial future. As we collaborate with you on your financial plan, we provide life insurance that is in alliance with your goals. 

Bue Oak Wealth Management Annuities in Fresno


Enjoy retirement the way you envisioned it. We help you choose the right annuity so that you may enjoy a reliable income stream during your retirement. Reap this additional source of retirement income and stretch your savings. 

Long Term Care Insurance in Fresno

Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC)

Advances in medicine are helping us live longer, requiring some families to invest in long-term care (nursing home, at home care, assisted living facilities). Although, these options can cost a small fortune long-term care insurance can protect some of your assets while providing a level of financial security for your loved ones. 

Disability Income Insurace Fresno

Disability Income Insurance 

What would you do if you were diagnosed with an illness or was involved in a serious accident leaving you disabled and unable to work again? Will your family be financially stable without your household income? In the event, you become handicapped disability income insurance can provide you with a dependable percentage of your earned income sooner than the standard Social Security disability. 

Insurance benefits depend on contractual terms and the claims-paying ability of the insurer. 

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