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Investment Strategies 

Custom investment strategies designed from academic financial research. 

We do not stock pick. Many advances in portfolio management derive from academic research. Investing is a science. The best way to design a growing portfolio is by using a mixture of rigorous academic and scientific research, with professional experience. 


We translate historical financial research into a current working investment solution for you. We want you to make informed decisions on investment strategies and feel right about your plan.

Investing is a Science 

When studying professional money managers trying to outperform the market, research showed that trying to outguess the market is not efficient. ​


However, when relying on academic research on Equity and Fixed Income dimensions you can pursue higher expected returns by structuring your portfolio around these dimensions. 



Equity Premium- 

Stocks vs bonds 

Company Size 

Small cap premium- 

small vs large companies 

Fixed Income 


Term Premium- longer vs. 

shorter maturity bonds


Credit Premium- lower vs. 

higher credit qualiy bonds

Relative Price 

Value premium- value

vs growth companies 


Profitability premium- high vs low profitability companies 

History shows that you can’t time stock returns. To capture the market’s historical premiums, you have to be patient.

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Focusing on what you can control can lead to a better investment experience. Click Here for your guide on Seven Principles of Long-Term Investing

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