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We design holistic financial plans and implement investment strategies to help you grow and preserve your wealth. 

A good financial advisor will guide you through the noise and focus on your goals. 

Collaborate with a Financial Advisor in Fresno that provides personal attention, vast resources, and investment strategies that are backed by rigorous academic research, NOT investment packages. No investment strategy or financial plan is the same, and your financial advisor should not dictate what you should do with your money. 


Our motto is No Plan, No Portfolio.


After all, if you don't have a plan, how will you know if you have ever achieved your objectives?

Working With Blue Oak


Expect a sound financial plan, personal service, and a long-term relationship.

A solid financial plan with a focus on growing and preserving wealth is very similar to growing an Oak Tree. It takes time, personal care and a solid foundation. Below is what you can expect with the Blue Oak Wealth Management team to help grow your wealth and work towards your financial goals. 


We listen to you first. 

Ally with a team that will guide you in working towards your needs, goals, and financial freedom. 


With our experience, resources, and academic research, we advise you on the risks and benefits of your financial choices.​


We collaborate with you to "plant" a plan around your goals using methods with a high probability of reaching your goals.


We review and update your plan at every stage of your life. See your portfolio in action and your money working for you. 

Blue Oak Services


We add value beyond what traditional investment advisors in Fresno provide.

Your custom portfolio is designed by an Investment Advisor Representative with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation. With a CPA credential, we look at your overall financial situation, not just investment management. 

It is important to us that your financial plan and the investment strategy we implement with you is consistent with your overall financial situation. Most importantly, your plan feels right to you, and you can stick with it. 

Holistic Financial

Long-term financial planning. 


Academic research-based investment strategies.


Risk management planning and preparation. 


Many success stories start by listening to clients. We commit to hearing from our clients before we make any recommendations. At Blue Oak Wealth Management we walk you through the potential benefits and risks of your financial choices so that YOU, can make appropriate decisions that are consistent with your goals. 

Give us a call for financial services and be heard today! 

Blue Oak Approach
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